OS Requirement in Casper Admin

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We have a Keynote policy that has 4 versions of Keynote for different versions of OS X.

Each Keynote package in Casper Admin has a different setting defined for the OS Requirement variable, so that only one package will install when then Keynote policy is run from Self Service.

The policy runs correctly; 1 installs correctly and 3 fail, only the failure flag means that Self Service then throws an error at the end of the policy saying that it failed, which (arguably) it didn't. Is there a way to suppress these errors?


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@draeconis I believe that there is no way to suppress the errors in Self Service. Your only option that I know of is to break this out into 4 separate policies and use Smart Groups to scope the install to.

So rather than using the OS X requirement in the package (you could still do this), you would build a SG for each OS requirement and scope to that.

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@draeconis I understand why you're doing this (less policies and smart groups). Do it right, 1 policy scoped to 1 smart group for each OS. Once it's setup, that's it you don't have to touch it again. Don't be afraid of making policies and smart groups. There's no penalty or charge for creating them.