OS X Configuration Profile Distribution Report!!!

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Hi Fellas,

The community has been a saviour for me whenever I am struck somewhere with Casper. Need your assistance again to get a report/ list of mac machines where OS X Configuration profile distribution is pending or has failed. We had created OS X Configuration profile to distribute our company certificates on Mac machines. We can get the numbers in dashboard with respect to distribution status, however we need a report that can let us know the mac details where it this distribution is pending or failed. Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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There is not currently functionality baked into the JSS to get at this data. I have a feature request in that you can up-vote if you like; hopefully we'll see these logs included in a future Casper Suite update:

Others here may have come up with their own workarounds to see this information, but I've yet to find a way to get anything beyond what you can see on the dashboard.

Best of luck,

P.S. All genders are represented in the JAMF Nation forums, not just 'fellas.'

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As workaround we pushed our certs by package/.dmg, then used a script to toss it in the Keychain. Is that an option?

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Not to be nit picky here but "fella's" is short for fellows which is not gender biased.

I hope we don't become the PC thought police here everyone. I think its safe to assume we don't have gender bashers here.

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Hi Matt,

Not intended to make any assumptions of intention, just casually nodding to the diversity represented here on JAMF Nation.

I am in agreement this is not a place appropriate for political assertion - it should remain focused on topics related to JAMF Software products and Apple platforms. I do, however, think a simple change in language can help make JAMF Nation a more inclusive resource.

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