OT: I got laid off anyone need a good looking Mac Engineer?

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Kind of OT but I moved to Dallas and then got laid off! So I figured what the heck any of you guys and gals looking for a Mac Engineer that can provide LuLz?


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Man, that stinks. Sorry to hear about that situation.

Were you open to relocating? Or did you want to stay in that area? I always see ads for Mac people in big cities, especially in the DC/NOVA area where I am.

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I agree with @mvu, that sucks man. Lots of jobs up in NYC but I don't know if you're up for moving up here.

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Have you reached out to our local JAMF people? The few times I met with her she had mention she goes into several places and they are looking for Certified Capser personal. It worth a shot, and sorry to hear about the lay off...


Good luck in finding your next gig! We had a round of layoffs earlier this year and lost our other support engineer. These days, it is important to always be looking for the next opportunity.

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I know there were some recent postings in Austin. Not exactly close, but...

Dice, Indeed, the jobs board here are your friends.

Always, always keep your resume (OK, in today's world, LinkedIn profile) up-to-date.

You should have a Disaster Recovery Plan for your career at every step...

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Hey Matt, email (swood@integer.com) me if you're wanting to stay in the DFW area. I can put you in touch with a few people. Also, reach out to JAMF and see if they can get you in touch with anyone looking.

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Hey Matt,

Sorry to hear about that. We do have a job board here that is for the most part Casper-centric job postings. You can check it out here:


Best of luck getting a new job. Also, LinkedIn is a good place to start. I know recruiters have a stigma to them, but I have actually had a good experience with a recruiter before. I have friends that work at pretty awesome companies that have also worked with recruiters. If you find the right recruiter, they will find you a job that you want, and they will work with you until you get it. Just a thought.

Best of luck,


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Thanks Steve I do want to stay in the North Dallas area. I am just starting to get settled here and love it. I think the only place I'd relo is back home to Los Angeles.

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Glad to hear you got promoted at the same company...whew...what a scare. :)


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Thanks Don. It really was. Moving your entire life across the country to get laid off is not an experience i recommend!!! For all the buddies I have met her please add me to LinkedIn and of course Ill always be available for the usual question i get via email or on LinkedIn.