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Not directly related to JAMF, is there a way to get a Mac's UUID info via ABM. We are deploying a large number of Macs and would like to get the UUID info before enrolling into Jamf.Thanks!Corbin
Need to unlock about 50 iMacs. Any options besides using the GSX escalation chat option?Thanks!
It would be great if Apple/JAMF would support via DEP/MDM Airtags that can be permanently attached to iMacs and MacMinis to discourage units being “lost”. Corbin
Our Mac users are instructed to log out everyday and of course a good majority do not. The primary reason is an ongoing policy to check for OS X updates upon logout.3-days after a new update is released, I create a policy to force the update to unpat...
We require users to logout after they are done with their work for the day. However, as everyone knows, Mac users do not always logout. Is there an extension attribute that can be used to collect info for "no logout in X number of days" Thanks! Corbi...