OT: Mid-2012 MacBook Air OS Build Number?

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Okay so Apple's article here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1159
says I should be seeing 11E2520 on our brand new 13" MacBook Air (Mid-20120) but it looks like I've actually got 11E2702. Can anyone else confirm this?



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can't say for the airs, as i haven't seen any yet. the few mbps that have rolled through have an unlisted build of 10.7.3 on which a standalone 10.7.4 build doesn't actually work. pretty sweet…

it seems the build page isn't accurate.

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it seems the build page isn't accurate.

It wouldn't surprise me. I've found issues on it before. Like, wildly inaccurate issues.


We have 8 new Airs in our environment and they all have a build number of:


Of course, we're using an image to roll them out so that makes some sense. :)

Despite that it's different than what you're seeing we haven't seen any negative effects of running that build on either 11" or 13" models.

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We saw something similar here. The MBPs and Airs we received seemed to match up with the build page numbers, but a colleague of mine got the same units in and they had completely different builds on some of the models, not listed on that page. When he did an internet restore on the Air it pulled down something different than what it shipped with.

Seems Apple is all over the place on the builds with these new 'Books. 10.7.5 can't come soon enough!

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10.7.5 can't come soon enough!

Mmmmhmm. I'm thinking they're sitting on it until Mountain Lion launch. Apple typically has had one final patch rollup when it's time to bring point release development to a halt on a branch.

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I'm thinking they're sitting on it until Mountain Lion launch

Yep, same thought here. I'm predicting Mountain Lion will show up on Tuesday of next week (24th) and we should see 10.7.5 soon after or on the same day. Of course predicting Apple release dates is much like gambling, so we'll see if I win the jackpot or lose my shirt. :)

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MacTracker was updated for iOS last week, and then updated for OS X this week:


We just got a few in, and they have 11E2520.