OT: Pay as you go data SIM only for JNUC use


So, this year I was planning to be clever and get myself a SIM card with data to use while at JNUC. I don't need a load of data, just like 1-3GB will be enough in case I'll need to get online outside Guthrie.
Since I'll have a Swedish phone with me, I need a GSM SIM card. My phone is a Nokia 925 with 4G no carrier lock.
I've looked at AT&T but I cannot make out what to buy, it's all very confusing. So, I thought it would make sense to use the knowledge at this very fine forum.

So, what carrier to use, and what plan to buy? Perhaps I could order online and get it delivered to the hotel?


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I'd try Ting.com. I use them for my family's phones in the NYC area. $10 for the SIM and $6 for the line for a month. Then they sell data/text/calls in buckets. I am happy with their customer service.

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I use straighttalk for my daughter's phone (GSM, runs on either AT&T or T-Mobile). Super easy to get activated. Can order online, just don't know about delivery to the hotel.

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@bollman take a look at Cricket Wireless. They use AT&T's network and there is a store about 3 miles south of the Guthrie where you should be able to get a SIM and get signed up for a plan. $10 plus tax for a SIM and a plan with 2.5GB of data is $40.