Outlook 2011 Out of memory issues

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is getting these out of memory issues?9f1fe25781284dd0996ea7ea5d173617

Small window in bottom left corner pops up.

Funny thing is it happens on multiple versions of OS, multiple versions of office

Office 14.3.9 - 14.5.1
Running through exchange office 365
Not much really showing in logs which would point out a definite answer
No specific Mac, this happens on MBA/MBP/iMac
Have tried the old method of changing Automatically Download pictures from the internet, but this makes no difference
Tried deleting pref files also ones in application support, no change

Happens after a few hours of using Outlook

Activity Monitor shows nothing out of the ordinary

Only started happening about three weeks ago.

Not really looking for answers but is anyone else seeing this, although an answer would be nice.


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Yes, I got this message with same behavior after 14.5 update. I quit Outlook, deleted some sent mail, cleared trash. It still came back.

So far 14.5.1 update is working. Although you listed 14.5.1 too.

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Hey David, Were you able to fix this?
There could be plugin issue, corrupt email issue or MS suggested reasons. Did you try whats mentioned here - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2535724.
And is this on one Mac or more?