Outlook 2016 Spotlight Cache Enormous

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Hope I can find someone to help with this issue. I am at my wits end.

Machine Stats
Mac Pro Late 2013
El Cap 10.11.3
2.7 12 Core Xeon E5
64 GB of RAM
512 GB SSD
Outlook 15.18

I have a user that has a 200GB local mail archive (trust me, not by my choice) originally in Office 2011. We upgraded the user to Office 2016 and the application converted the mailbox and moved it to the Group Containers folder.

Cool right? Nope.

Spotlight now is running non-stop until the hard drive is filled and the OS X notification comes up that the disk is almost full with the /.Spotlight-V100 weighing in at 119GB.

As part of the troubleshooting process I formatted the hard drive and loaded a fresh copy of El Cap. I moved the users documents over one folder at a time and was able to narrow the issue down to Outlook archive in Group Containers.

This is what has been done so far.

1) Verified all traces of Office 2011 were removed.
2) Uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2016.
3) Rebuilt index using the following terminal commands, found here on JAMFN.

sudo mdutil -i off /
sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight*
sudo rm -rf /.metadata_never_index

REBOOT the computer NOW

sudo mdutil -i on /
sudo mdutil –E

4) User was on Yosemite, upgraded to El Cap.
5) Formatted machine installed fresh copy of El Cap.

So far no love. Please advise if anyone has any ideas.


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So I'm guessing the Outlook 2011 database is still on the machine? Have you migrated it at all to Outlook 2016 yet? If not then perhaps try to disable spotlight until the migration takes place. Once it is done, remove the Office 2011 database from the computer (back it up elsewhere of course) then turn spotlight back on.

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Thanks Balmes,

No, the Outlook 2011 database has been removed from the machine and was fully migrated.