Outlook - Empty Deleted Items on Quit Script?

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We're (finally) upgrading from Exchange 2003 to 2010, which means we're rolling out Outlook 2011 to our school district. I'm trying to find an easy way to push out a setting that will set the preference to empty deleted items on quit. I've set it manually, and it looks like the changes are being written to the com.microsoft.Outlook plist (judging from the date modified), but when I take that plist with the setting enabled, disable the settings again, and overwrite the plist in the user preferences with the good one, nothing changes in the Outlook settings. Anyone know if those changes are just being written to the Outlook database instead, and if there's any script to modify that setting via ARD or policy?




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Honored Contributor II

I'm fairly certain this is stored within preferences in the identity and not the .plist file. :-(

Also, Outlook for Mac's schedules are fairly unscriptable. You can enable/disable/delete them but creating them via script isn't possible.