Outlook for MAC REST

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Anyone have any experience with Microsofts REST technology in regards to calendar synching?:

Background here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/outlook-blog/outlook-for-mac-improves-calendar-sharing-performance-with-rest/bc-p/1143902#M1608

I am having problems getting REST to be recognized on all of my Macs. I have a profile set to them via Jamf Pro to "nudge" it, but in Outlook v16.33 on all three Macs in front of me running 10.15.2, only one shows REST enabled.

Without REST working my users cannot open shared calendars without having calendar owner performing some shenanigans on their end. Once REST kicks in, opening shared calendars is a breeze.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.


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I do know it does NOT work if you are licensed as volume. I had to switch to using office 365 licensing on a given Mac make the switch to REST.

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Our Outlook server environment is Office 365, but we use volume licensing for our installs.

I do have REST working on one of my volume license installs, but won’t work on the others.

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I found this post on the MS Outlook forums, as well. After 6 months or so was any further info or a resolution found for this issue? Our company uses enterprise licensing (Outlook v16.40) and this REST sync feature is described in the online Outlook help (see screenshot) however I have never seen this msg when adding/removing invitees from a scheduled meeting.