Overwriting a file created in Composer, set to fill FUT and FEU

Contributor III

I have a file that I created in Automator that essentially points the user to the proper share on a storage server. I do this as there are many different departments, with multiple shares per department. 

I have the file created in Automator, then wrapped up as a DMG in Composer. I then send it out via Jamf, with both FUT and FEU checked. This is working as expected.

Recently, we had to change the server. In doing so, the path is ever so slightly different than it was before. This is facilitating me to need to update those "links" and redistributing them. I have thought that I could just do what I did before and make the change, wrap them up in Composer, and distribute them via Jamf with FUT/FEU checked. On my test machine, this made duplicate links on the desktop. One for the old server, one for the new server. How do I overwrite the existing files on established users and update the User Template? Did I miss something when I created the updated DMG?