Package choices.xml - How do you deploy a package with with certain options?


Feature Request here ( is basically what I'm looking for, but until that's implemented, how do you get around using the applyChoiceChangesXML option for package installers when deploying to Mac?

I have a couple of packed where I need to change the default install options.



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That's a feature that is begging to be added! What I do now is awkward but gets the job done. I package the original package along with the choices.xml file up. I drop both into /var/tmp.

I then call a postinstall script that installs the original package with my choices.xml. Finally my postinstall script deletes the junk I left in /var/tmp.

Like I said dirty but it gets the job done. I'm certain there's a fancy way to do it with policies, but this works for us.

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I basically do the same thing right now for MS Office 2016 and Cisco AnyConnect.

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@bmarks - side question if you don't mind, are you using choices.xml to choose which modules to install for AnyConnect ? We are evaluating ISE but it seems like if we don't want to install VPN module or other modules we have to use pkgutil - their documentation is really lacking on the OSX installer options. Would appreciate if you had any info.

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@CasperSally The only components we install for AnyConnect (version 4.1.08005) are choice_vpn, choice_dart and choice_posture (I am typing them how they show up in the XML file.) We do not install choice_websecurity, choice_fireamp or choice_iseposture. This process has worked perfectly for us through previous 3.x versions as well. However, our use case does install the VPN module, so this may not be helpful info.