Packages Distribution Point Settings for Policies

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For those of you using Jamf Cloud instances, I'm curious if you've ever run into issues with policies downloading large ( > 5GB) files when using the "Each computer's default" distribution point rather than the "Cloud" distribution point. I have one policy using "default" for a .pkg file over 12GB that works fine, but another with a 8.25GB .pkg file that kept failing until I switched it to "cloud distribution". The error message was "Error: The package is not found on the server" even after re-uploading the file.

For our Jamf Pro instance, we have no File Share Distribution Points, and use AWS for our Cloud Distribution Point. We have the "Use as principal distribution point" check box ticked for the Cloud distro, so my understanding it that is shouldn't matter whether the distribution point option in a policy is set to "default" or "Cloud" because either one should still be pulling from AWS. But for some reason as yet unknown to me, it does make a difference for second policy above with the 8.25GB file.

So should we change all our policies to specifically designate the Cloud distribution point from now on?


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We moved to the cloud last year. I elected to maintain both an on-prem file server and cloud server. Depending on the app, I just select the appropriate  distribution type. I maintain GarageBand in our environment. On prem makes sense for this app

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We aren't using an on-prem file server. So my understanding is that the "default" distro point should point to the cloud.

I think I am seeing the same issue--were you able to figure out a solution? I'm trying to install Adobe Creative Cloud packages and after triggering the policy I immediately get the error message "The package is not found on the server" and "not available on the HTTP server". We're using an on-prem JAMF server as well.