Packages getting cached with %20 in place of spaces

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Hey all:

JSS: 9.72

As of a week ago, exactly ten of our 400 users are now caching packages with a %20 in place of spaces. Comme ça: Install%20OS%20X%20Yosemite.InstallESD.dmg Discovered it as a "has cached" smart group was off by ten.

I tried caching a few other test packages to these machines, and all of them did the same. Further, triggering a script with a space in its name, from a policy, the machines search for the script but add the %20s and error out without finding it.

Any idea why? The machines exhibiting this are in different departments and have different OSes (10.6.8 to 10.9.5), so I can't think of any common link as to why these would do that.

We can work around it easily enough, but anyone know of anything in the OS (or JSS) that would have these ten machines behaving differently than the others?

(Yes, I suppose we could/should eliminate spaces in all our package and script names, but it looks so pretty as-is, and the vast majority of our machines are doing fine.)


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InstallOSXYosemite.InstallESD.dmg, what's not pretty about that? ;)

Seriously though, avoid spaces whenever possible. I'm not saying it's right that it doesn't work. I'm just saying it's one less thing to worry about if suddenly spaces aren't respected by whatever tool you use to deploy the files.