Packaging and Deploying Python and Applications

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I have been asked to look at packaging and deploying Python, with a numver of additional applications - TensorFlow 2, scikit-learn, PyTorch and Matplotlib. These are the only ones for now.

Where I am stuck is that I am not unsure how I'd go about doing this. One suggestion is using Anaconda as the Python install and then adding each in its own Virtual Environment.

I'm just wondering when to start. Would I potentially install on a reference Mac and then capture as one instance using Composer or could I package/deploy Anaconda and then use individual scripts to install the applications or somehow create individual packages of the applications that can be deployed individually and link into the Anaconda install, independently? If, of course, I am even on the right track here.

Our build is macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Thanks for any help or advice.


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Take a look at this these two projects:

MacAdmins Python

Relocatable Python

Both allow you to create a simple installer package to install python3. The 2nd has more customization and allows for a requirements.txt file to specify specific packages to install with python.

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@RBlount - Thanks, I'll take a look.

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@Tribruin   Thank you for the pointer.  How will I create a .pkg from the relocatable python ?