PagerDuty iOS App

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We are working to onboard with PagerDuty and I am running into an issue with the iOS app. The managed distribution worked okay and the app installed, but I can't get the SSO to work correctly. For some reason the Okta MFA won't complete. I noticed that the SSO is getting handled through Safari which is different than the only other SSO app I have which is Zoom. PagerDuty has a support article about specifying Chrome, but I can't get the XML to work in the Jamf App Configuration:


We don't use Safari on our iphones, so I don't know if that is the problem or not. Has anyone else had luck getting the PagerDuty app to work on iOS with Okta SSO and MFA? The Okta SSO part is working fine on the desktop with a browser, so not sure what the issue is.