Parental Controls (Curfew) broken on new M1 MBA?

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We manage over 1000 M1 MacBook Airs in our district and recently we've become aware of an issue with the current configuration profile to restrict access through the parental controls/curfew payload.  I've tested it out on a device and it appears to be attempting to restrict access at the specified time, but simply playing around with it, or even restarting the device seems like I can get around the restriction.  Has anyone else noticed this issue?  I'm wondering if it has something to do with the new chipset in the MBA.  We are using the A2337 model with Big Sur and now Monterey.  Both OS's appear to have the same issue.  Has anyone used a different approach to restrict access between certain hours of the day on the new M1 MBA?


Thanks in advance!



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Did you every find a resolution or get a reply for this issue?  We are just now becoming aware this may be an issue here.

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Please advise the best way to set up a curfew of 10pm to 6am on student devices.