Parental Controls - Curfew setting - not consistent

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We just rolled out 202 x 10.8.2 MacBook Airs, with Parental Controls payload delivered through a Configuration Profile. The curfew is set for Sunday - Thursday nights, from 10pm till 6am. No curfew is set for the weekend (Fri/Sat)

Problem is, for some students, they were shutting down at 8pm, and for some students, shutting down at 8pm on the weekend!

I've checked all settings, there is no extra profile or other settings being sent to them, and even the MCX plist record on the local machine shows the correct time.

It's difficult to troubleshoot. Has anyone else seen similar things?


ps. Interestingly, the "Allow user to modify printer list" has never worked (on 10.7 or 10.8) - so we have a login script that fixes it.


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Hi, did you ever get this issue resolved? I'm currently running into this issue on MacBook Airs (running 10.12.4) with similar curfew settings in the Configuration Profile.