Ughh, Cambridge parking is the worst. Anyone know the best place to park around there? I know the Galleria is pretty cheap for a garage and it's only a couple blocks away.


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The Galleria parking you linked to seems pretty reasonable. If you're set on driving in, that may be your best bet, because, yeah, street parking isn't easy. And most parking garages are pricey.

If you're looking for alternatives, I plan on parking at Alewife Station and taking the red line train down to Kendall/MIT, which is the closest stop and walking from there. Should only be about 7-8 minute walk or so. Alewife is $9 to park (on weekdays), and then there's subway fare, so it may come out to about the same as parking at the Galleria.

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There is some metered on the street parking near the building on both Linksey Way and Atheneaum Street. During the day, the parking can be difficult to get but it might be easier around the time of the meeting. There is a parking garage under the building and one in easy walking distance. I would recommend trying to reimbursed by your organization for parking if you can as it is not cheap.

Additionally, if you want to park elsewhere, we are a five minute walk from Kendall Station on the Red Line, 10 minute walk from Lechmere on the Green Line and (for those really looking to get their steps in) 20 minutes from Community College on the Orange line. But, it could be a good experience if you have never been to Boston in the Fall.