Patch Management: App Updates + OS Updates

New Contributor III

Hi guys,


Can someone enlightening me on their thoughts on using Patch Management on Jamf Pro and their success stories?


I been testing it locally on some machines as a forced push and it works great but I noticed when I make it for self service, I never see the notification ever appear even though I set the reminder daily for the next 14 days. The policy would show pending. Is this like a weird behavior or glitch that I am experiencing, I dont want to do a force push as the fear of someone writing an important document or on a zoom call and the app closes just to update.


Also, I noticed there is support for macOS updates in terms of patches and full OS updates. My question also here is, JAMF verified it without the needing to restart. I find this strange as when I update my computer by System Preferences, I had to restart depending on the update. Does it need a restart when using JAMF Patch management.


I like this feature a lot but if I have to resort to other options, I rather do it now than waste my time if its still buggy in terms of app updates and os updates.