Patch Management - machines not updating

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We have a Patch Management policies that updates Jamf Connect to the latest version.
When applied the numbers go up pretty fast, but then it stops.

Machines don't get any update.

When is an updated triggered on a device (check-in?)
and what to do to update the clients again?


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Are you only seeing this in Jamf Connect or other apps as well? I know I felt a little dumb when I figured out I had the old package assigned the definition for the new versions of an application when I first started using patch management. So I pretty much created loop of detecting the app was out of date, installing the package, inventory update finds app is still out of date and it continues. 

I only use the patch management for JC and only since the release of 2.9.1
Before using patch management i was using a smart group to check for outdated versions, but it had the same issue as patch management.

Initial installs go very quick, and then sudednly it halts.
Machine check-in every 15 minutes but stick to the old version.

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I don't have Jamf Connect so can not really speak to that one specifically.. but the couple times I have issues with deployments in general it was solved by either "sudo jamf policy" or  in rare cases "sudo profiles renew -type enrollment" 

but doing that on 200+ machines doesn't make sense, isn't it...
these machines do process other policies, so if feels like the patch management or the deployment of policies to a larger amount of machines is causing some issues.

agreed.. I guess if the issue persists from a policy scoped out to a smart group and patch management, the only thing I can  think of is the installation package itself. If the .pkg works before uploading I  would likely say Jamf support may need to step in. 

Already reported in a ticket to get some help on this.
When we had about 400- 500 macbook the smart group and policy were fine.
Now with close to 700 macbooks the smartgroup/policy config and the patch management seems to get stuck after about 500 clients