patch management - Newer version not available for some of apps

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HI Team,

Not able to see the updated version to upload the package and push in patch management. For example abobe brackets  newer version 2.1.2 but able to see only 1.4.2. any suggestions how to get these updated. also not able to see chrome canary



at least for the missing one you can look into this:
the Title Editor is included into any JamfPro Subscription. In there you can create your own Patch Titles or Subscribe to others.

We are also using it to Subscribe the official Jamf Patch Titles for Programms where there is no Combi Package to install and we need to patch ARM and Intel with a different package, to use the Patch Management Features for both. Since you can only add 1 Package to one Version in a Title and you can not reuse the same Title in the same Site again.
But a subscribed one from the official Jamf ones  is an exact copy. Nonetheless it is usable in the same Site as the Jamf official one.