Patch Reporting - Office 2016 - 15.34.17051500 - Issue?

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Hey guys,

So Jamf updated the Office 2016 apps version in Patch Reporting with "15.34.17051500". I cannot get a smart group based on "Patch Reporting: Microsoft Outlook 2016 is less than 15.34.17051500" to return membership of two of my test Macs which are clearly on 15.33.17040900. I have update inventory several times on these machines, and still no dice. If i switch "less than" to "is not" the machines show membership.

Anyone else seeing this?


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It should be noted the if I use "Latest Version" instead of "15.34.17051500" it works as expected. I do not want to use "Latest Version" though, as we need to control what version we currently support, and not be at the mercy of Jamf updating the definition, and an update policy going wild.

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Have you tried something like:

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Yeah, I could do that, but I want to use the new operators such as "less than" so that when a new version comes out and people who are local admins run MAU on their own, they don't start seeing "Microsoft Office 2016 is Out of Date" in Self Service.

We need to vett Office updates (and any other App update) before presenting them to users as approved versions, so controlling for a specific version and any down-versions is necessary. The "Latest Version" value isn't particularly useful in this regard. I REALLY need "less than" to work as expected.

Using the original logical operators such as "not like" and also the new "Latest Version" has to potential to start pushing out stale updates, especially for something which gets updated often, such as Adobe Flash.

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I'm not seeing this issue. We have JSS 9.97.1488392992 and I'm using a Smart Group with the "Less than" operators for that specific version and it works as expected.