Personal Recovery Key shows in jamf but doesnt work on macbook

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I have a MacBook Pro here, but the user forgot his password, so i want to restore it with my Personal Recovery Key in JAMF.


Now the problem i got a Personal Recovery Key in jamf but it doesnt work on the device. (says its wrong)

So I have no possibility to log in to that device + another problem the firmware password doesn't work either. 

My question is there any way to force the macbook to send te Personal Recovery Key to JAMF without logging in. 



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Sorry but no. When talking FileVault, until you unlock the Mac, there is no network connection since the core OS hasn't actually loaded yet. So there's no way to issue a new Personal Recovery Key while in that state.

Unfortunately your options here are very limited. If you can't even boot to Recovery partition because you don't know the firmware password applied to it, the only thing you can do is try to open an Apple support case and/or bring it in to an Apple store with proof of purchase. They may be able to at least remove the firmware password, but I can tell you right now they will have no ability to unlock the Mac from FileVault. But if they can help you get the fw password off you can at least wipe and reinstall the OS on it so it won't be a brick.

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Thanks, it's the answer i expected, but not hoped for.