Planning an upgrade from 9.72 to 9.93


I am planning to upgrade from 9.72 to 9.93.

Does anybody have any good advice to make this transition go smoothly?



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Do it in a test environment first.

For some reason if you really can't, I hope you have VMs so you can at least do a snapshot first.

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Just test it and / or snapshot the servers first. There's really nothing to it, otherwise.

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@ttyler1999 DO NOT rely on snapshots when going from anything pre 9.8 to newer as the binary path has changed.
When you upgrade to 9.93, your agents will upgrade, if you roll back your JSS, it will not detect the new agent and you'll need to re-enroll

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There are a number of dependencies that changed in 9.93. Java and MySQL must be more recent than JAMF has required in the past.

I would download 9.8 and 9.93 from the My Assets page--you can access old versions going back as far as Casper Suite 8.6.

  1. Backup the JSS database and your entire system.
  2. Upgrade the JSS to 9.8
  3. Log in and fix all your scripts that reference /usr/sbin/jamf .
  4. Upgrade to Java 1.7 or 1.8.
  5. Enable the Java Cryptographic Extensions.
  6. Upgrade MySQL to the recommended minimum version for 9.93.
  7. Install 9.93.