Please vote up MDM enrollment feature request

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I've posted a feature request for Casper 9.x that I'd like to promote for upvoting. I have an existing process to automatically fix Macs that don't have the MDM certificate properly installed in Casper 8.x. For details, see this post:

The command that I use to do the MDM enrollment in Casper 8.x is jamf mdm, which has been removed from the jamf binary in Casper 9.x. MDM enrollment has been rolled into jamf manage in Casper 9.x.

I'd like JAMF to reinstate jamf mdm or an equivalent command in Casper 9.x, as putting the MDM enrollment into jamf manage has made it difficult to fix MDM enrollment with a policy. For details on why, please see the feature request's description:


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Have exactly the same problem and would like to have "jamf mdm" back again to "repair" MobileConfig-Push on machines with problems to get new MobileConfig-Profiles (normally I used jamf manage and jamf mdm in combination to do so and it helped very well all the time).