Policy doesn't do anything in Self Service


I have a policy to install a package in Self Service.
When I click on it, Self Service says "Gathering Information" and almost immediately goes to "Completed".

No errors.
No logs are returned whatsoever to JSS.
It's still in scope, even though it;s "Run Once Per Computer".

It obviously is NOT running.
jamf.log says "Checking for policy ID 30" when it is clicked, but nothing more.

Any advice?
Self Service works fine for other published policies.


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Are they running 9.2? If so, this is a known bug and will be fixed with 9.2.1.

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9.2? 9.2.1? What now? I don't think @CCNapier is referring to iOS, if that's what that reference was to. He specifically stated "Run once per computer" and installing packages, so I don't think iOS bugs apply here.

@CCNapier Have you tried scoping it to another Mac to see if the behavior is the same? If its happening on all Macs your run it on, then it would probably point to an issue with the policy or the package. It almost sounds like it can't access the share to pull down the package although its strange you aren't seeing any policy logs with an error in them. What JSS version is this happening on?

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Another fine example of posting a problem (just using this as a change to rant, no offense @CCNapier)...

I wish when people posted up issues, that they by default added the versions of everything they're using. it sure helps and makes a big difference in the amount of back and forth needed to suss out an issue.

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I have had this happen a few times too..
And so far - have always been able to solve it..

it's usually been that a policy IS in scope - but has NO payload !
So it rapidly completes - doing nothing..


@CCNapier: Check your payload within your policy and make sure you have actually added the .pkg or ,dmg, I'm sure you have but it is good to double check. Also determine if you have Replicated the Distribution Point if you are using multiple DP's. This has burned me in the past.


Seems like the old policy just stopped working for unknown reasons (it WAS working previously and was still in scope, had a payload, frequency was fine, etc). Which is a little unsettling. Creating a clone also did not work, but recreating the policy completely (and I mean I checked every setting to copy across) was fine. The scope and frequency was also fine, so it really is a but unsettling.

For the record, this is for OSX (we don't use Casper to manager iOS so I always forget to mention this), and using 9.81.

@scottb , no problem - rant away. I'm guilty this time! I have particular post hates too (my biggest is when you ask a direct technical question only for someone to suggest a completely different approach - whilst potentially helpful to others, it doesn't answer my technical question!!)