Policy Logs: Download or Export?

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Anyone out there know if there is a way to export or download the logs of a policy? I see way to grab the policy logs of individual or groups of computers, but no way to download the logs per policy.

Am I just missing something or a specific workflow? Appreciate any insight or ideas for what others might be doing!


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What is your high level goal here? To get the actual logs, or to see what passed or failed? The policy logs are stored in a separate table in the jamf DB (unless this has changed in the past 2 years), and are joined to device records in the UI when you browse a device record.

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Im adding into this conversation. 
I cant seem to find a way to download the logs. Its important for us so I can send to upper management when they ask. We have a policy that can be accessed through Self Service, and upper management wants a list of the users who choose to install this, versus the ones that dont. (and also see the failures)

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FWIW we use webhooks for this and it works quite well minus a few minor data points that webhooks do not ship. If you are jamf cloud that is your only and best option as you do not get direct DB access at all.  

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Hi tlarkin,
(hopefully you see this because I'm a year late!)
Do you have any pre-created webhooks that you could link me to? (while I am learning the coding side, I'm still a novice so I try and use materials that are already created).

I am trying to export the logs for all of our printers to see mainly fail/complete rate. One of the campuses at my university no longer works and I am trying to find details of when it stopped working.