Policy Runs Manually from Self Service but Not Automatically

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We have been testing out the usage of alerter for notifying our users of available updates in self service. It's a simple script that pretends to be from self service and says updates are available with a button that will open up self service. When we run it using reoccurring check in as the trigger the notification does not show up and the policy appears to be stuck as the computer won't check in again until rebooted or the same script is run manually from self service. When run from self service it runs as it should without issue. Since the policy isn't failing we can't find any logs for what is going on exactly either. Any ideas?

ANSWER="$(alerter -title 'Software Update Available' -message 'Install via Self Service' -actions "Open Self Service" -sender com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac)"
case $ANSWER in
    "Open Self Service") open /Applications/Self\ Service.app ;;

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Does is matter removing the ./ in front of alerter? I see that they have that. What Execution Frequency it has?

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Just tried that and it actually doesn't run with the ./

The frequency is once per day.

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Could be wrong, but I suspect it's getting stuck because the command calling alerter is running as root and not the logged in user. You may have to update the script to use syntax to run the app as the logged in user to fix it. It may be trying to run it, but not in the user context, so it's getting stuck. Just a guess.