Post Install Script File Location?

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I have a .dmg need to be placed where the Composer Post Script is running.

I am trying to get Beyond Trust to install and I am using "franton's bomgar pre and post install scripts"

The preinstall scripts works 100% no issue

the postinstall script only works if the .dmg and the post install script is in the same directory


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nm - found a solution

copied the post script with the dmg

then in the Composer post install script, i just ran the deployed script

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Allow me to rant for a moment here, but I despise developers that make these kinds of installers. The only reason for needing a DMG to be in the same location as a post install script is due to lazy installation packaging. There are better ways to do this if they just put a little more effort into it. The people who make these decisions clearly have no understanding that their software is often used in large deployments, pushed from a management system, and not just some poor schmo running around doing sneaker-net installations.

With that out of the way, you might have to get a little creative to get this working. For example, maybe have the script as an executable file, and the DMG all located within a new directory inside /private/tmp/ for example. Then have the real postinstall script run and call the script located in /private/tmp/beyondtrust/ or whatever it's named. As long as the DMG is in that path, it should hopefully work.

You'd need to drag that "beyondtrust" folder into the Composer sidebar to create a new source, and then check the perms on everything and build it out.