Postman installation?

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Has anyone deployed Postman using Jamf? The download from the Postman site is a Zip. Once unzipped and installed I build a PKG using Composer, but I'm not able to successfully deploy it using Jamf. I can install it directly using the PKG that is built by Composer, but not when pushed through Jamf.


Anyone have any success deploying Postman?


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I've deployed it and had no issues that I can recall. When you say you're not able to successfully deploy it using Jamf, can you describe in more detail what happens? Is there an error indicated in the policy log? Does it say successful but the application just doesn't appear? Are you able to attach an image of what your Composer package looks like maybe?

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@mespinosa-ylopo you can deploy it along with lots of other apps using installomator, take a look here