prestage enrollments: Sync failed: Communication error. Awaiting next sync

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anyone getting this Sync failed: Communication error. Awaiting next sync. ????

when creating a new prestage enrollments ?

what's the sync interval?


even after the sync interval has passed it is still displaying this Sync failed message


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@tcandela Have you signed into Apple School Manger or Apple Business Manager to accept the new License agreement that became available March 31, 2022?  Until that is accepted, syncing will halt.

You may want verify the sync status within Settings:  Global Management >> Automated Device Enrollment

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@jhalvorson  yep that looks to be the issue. I'll notify the dept that has access to accept the license agreement. thanks


I'm seeing this too but I've accepted the new ABM terms. I logged into ABM to confirm and no outstanding things needing approval.

We uploaded a new token at the end of February before token expiration and ABM indicates that it last synced at the end of March. So, based on that info, I would say it's not related to our new token upload.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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I'm experiencing this too and same as Stephan, we accepted all the ABM terms on ASM.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Hello, I am experiencing the same Issue and because the Macbooks are at a customers location i can't even check any changes without calling them everytime. If anyone has any progress i would love to hear about it.

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Hello Everybody, i contacted Jamf Support and i found the solution. You have to renew the MDM-Server Token.

Step1: Open the Apple Business Manager

Step2:  Click on your Account in the bottom left corner

Step3: Open Settings and Select your MDM Server at the bottom

Step4: Select the Option "Download Token" at the top and save the .p7m file on your local machine

- go to Jamf Pro/School -

Step 5: Open the settings and Open Automated Device Enrollment in the "Global Management" category

Step 6: Select your device enrollment (in my case it's called "Jamf-Business")

Step 7: Press edit and click on the button "Upload Server Token File"

Step 8: Select the recently downloaded Server Token file (.p7m)

Step 9: Click on save 

Now you have to wait up to 1h for Jamf to Sync again(Support told me it is usually 15min - 1h)


I hope that solved your problem, have a nice day.


I also want to note, that I had to download public key from Jamf and upload it to Apple School Manager.  Just downloading the token from Apple School Manager generated an error message when uploading it to Jamf.  My Steps

  1. Generate a public key (.pem)  from Jamf -  Automated Device Enrollment
  2. Go to Apple School Manager and upload that public key (.pem file)
  3. Download new token from Apple School Manager (smime.p7m file)
  4. Go back to Automated Device Enrollment in Jamf - Edit -> Upload token file

I wish they would make it to where we didn't have to do this every time an agreement is issued.

Hope this helps if someone has the same issue.


It helped me.. after playing around for a while you gave me the second part of the answer that I couldn't figure out :D Cheers



You are able to force a sync by the following method:

Forcing an Apple School Manager Sync
  1. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings .
  2. Click Global Management.
  3. Click Apple Education Support .
  4. Click on the Apple School Manager Instances tab
  5. Click the Force Sync button next to the Apple School Manager instance that you want to manually sync Jamf Pro with.

Hey Alan, thanks for the information, I'm sure it will help others, and good to know.  For us we don't use Apple School Manager for importing of students, teachers, shared iPads or even classrooms.  We strictly use it for ADE only.  I thought about switching us to Apple Business Manager from Apple School Manager since ASM seems to be for K-12 and we are Higher Ed.  The only thing I would like to use to Managed Apple IDs but from what I have read can't really purchase free apps from the App Store so that's not of any benefit to me.  We do use VPP but there is an occasional user who wants an app that requires In-App Purchasing so I'm trying to accommodate all.  At times it feels that managed Apple Devices can be so exasperating.  LOL. Have great day!