Prestage Enrolment - SwiftDialog

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Hi All,

Due to security and the @enrolment trigger only kicking in after macOS home screen loads, I need to find a solution that will allow my current workflow to allow Setup My Mac & SwiftDialog to run right after Jamf Connect. 

Is there anyway to do this.

My current flow is 

1. Prestage Enrolment 

2. Jamf Connect (not using Notify)

3. Boot into macOS then @enrolment trigger kicks off Setup My Mac.

Can I "hold off" booting into macOS and have Setup My Mac run straight after the local account is created with Jamf Connect?





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I recently did just that.  I followed the instructions from this link. Set Up Your Mac and Automated Device Enrollment – Tech IT Out.

Works like a charm after the account is created it launches the SetupYourMac script without intervention.  The script creates a launchagent which works much better than the enrollment trigger.

Thanks will check that out...looks promising and just what i need.