PreStage pane,Azure SSO

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Hello people!

While testing first macOS enrollment to Jamf pro with jamf connect I  encountered an error.I've created a PreStage enrollment and pushed 1 Configuration profile.After going threw basic step(like connecting to wifi) then the windows with  Remote Management happened.After pressing continue,a small  blank pop up windows shows up  with this error at the bottom of the page: “Error <kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:303>”I've tried to google it and that was the only thing that showed up:

Jamf Enrollment Customization – kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:303 – macmuleBut still,I don't know where is the issue coming from




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I never see that error before either. Just starting use Jamf Connect. My suggestion, I would check your Jamf Connect configuration and making sure you have everything correct. Tenent ID/ ROPGID (idk how to spell it off the top of my head). 


On top of that, are you making sure to pass the License, + the Launch Agent as well + the app itself during PreStage. Gotta make sure you select the CP boxes in the PreStage and the scope is defined in the CP section as well. I was told by the engineer that if you don't scope the device but select the check boxes in the PreStage, it won't do anything.