Prestage - What is"Number of Computers to limit to" ?



We are using prestage for new computers.
I'm unsure what the Computer Names > Number of Computers section does.

It says "Number of computers to limit the Imaging PreStage to". We don't want to limit it at all, but if I enter 0, Prestage doesn't appear to work (edit - I assumed this might be equivalent to "infinity", otherwise you could just disable the PreStage). At the moment I have entered "9999999" (edit - which is decrementing accordingly after imaging).

Am I using this correctly?! -edit- This is working for us with the high number as we don't wish to limit it.. I guess the number is there for users who wish to out restrictions in somehow. Has anyone actually used it?


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You can set that to any number you want. Have you changed the Scope to serial no. of device to image?


@myronjoffe , OK thanks, I wasn't sure if there was something more to this section that I was missing.

Scope is set to all our subnets. We want the configuration picked up by all machines where ever they are. I have another prestage question, but will create another discussion to keep it clean.