Prevent AutoUpdate on Office 2013/2016

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Hey guys,

TLDR: How do I keep my users from being prompted regarding Office Updates?

Fully qualified question: I have a functioning patch management system in process that ensures, among other things, Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 are kept up to date. However, due to the time required for testing updates before deploying to production, these will never be pushed out as fast as Microsoft releases them. In the interim, I don't want my users to be prompted regarding updates.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how this might best be accomplished? I'd thought of black listing the Microsoft AutoUpdater, however that means the app is going to launch, and then quit, which is still not ideal for user experience. I plan on keeping the auto updater up to date along with the Office suite, which will help, but not fix it ultimately.

Ideally I'm hoping this is something that can be resolved by Configuration Profile, but I welcome your advice. Thanks in advance,



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Remove the Auto Updater. If you're managing the updates, there's no need for it.

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That setting is saved in: "defaults read ~/Library/Preferences/" under the key: HowToCheck