Prevent Student To Turn Off Wi-Fi

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Student find out turning off wi-fi wont allow teacher to use Casper Focus
is any way to prevent student to turn Wi-Fi Off


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What device is the Wi-Fi on iPad, iMac, MacPro?

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Casper Focus refers to iPad, I'm guessing.
In that case, you could use guided access so the student could not leave the Casper Focus application or to get to control center to toggle settings.

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Sorry iPads

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Hi, I would also like to know if there is a way to stop students from leaving the Wi-Fi. When the "Guided Focus" is not in use and the students can use any app on the iPad then then can go into settings and remove Wi-Fi. Is there a way to keep them logged into Wi-Fi, or make a Wi-Fi profile that will keep the iPads connected to the Wi-Fi at ALL times? We have auto connect enabled and our Wi-Fi Profiles now, but the students can still turn off Wi-Fi