Preventing App Update Notifications for VPP iOS Apps

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Is possible to hide/suppress VPP app update notification pop-ups like the example shown below?

Currently, we use Guided Access to lock the screen from leaving the Teem EventBoard app. IS this problematic for VPP app updates? Clearly iPadOS is able to place the notification above the app UI. Would Single App Mode help hide these notifications? Or do we need to turn off VPP auto-updates? 

We are migrating our iPad conference room kiosks from MS Intune to Jamf. This photo is of an iPad still managed in Intune, we havent migrated to Jamf Pro yet and wonder if we will have better control over managed VPP app updates in Jamf Pro or not.
The notification message states "<my org> is about to update the app 'EventBoard' from the App Store." (image is blurry - sorry). If you accidently click 'Cance'l its a coin toss if you ever see the message again - or when you will see it)


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Single app mode is the primary reason you're seeing this for a VPP app. The app can't update because it's open and can't close itself because the iPad can't go back to the spring board. We use a visitor management app on iPads throughout our campus and I regularly take these out of single app mode after-hours to allow the app to update. It's less of a process with Jamf School, but I did the same exact thing in Jamf Pro as well.

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Technically we arent using Single App Mode or any MDM based Kiosk mode right now. We are simply launching a conference room kiosk app (Teem EventBoard) and activating Guided Access. 

I think for now I will just set all the devices manually to not update App Store/VPP apps. Once I migrate them to Jamf Pro Ill experiment with other options.