Preventing IOS14 update to a new iPad

New Contributor III

We have a few students that have old iPads, but are getting new iPads. All the current deployed student iPads have a configuration profile that limits in install of IOS 14 for 45 days.

Ok, here's a screenshot of the Pre-stage enrollment profile. The one checkbox says, "Install configuration profiles before Setup Assistant Install configuration profiles on mobile devices in the scope before a user is presented with the Setup Assistant screens"

Here's a shot of that config profile. It's scoped based on department. This iPad in the Pre-stage is scoped to Dept 2026. This config profile is also scoped to Dept 2026 and IOS14 install is pushed for 45 days.
I still want the students getting the new iPads to have the 45-day restriction of installing IOS14. Yet, when I started to a new iPad scoped to the Pre-stage enrollment, I was presented with a "Download and Install IOS14" splash screen, exactly what I don't want to do. There is no next or skip option. I had to install IOS 14 to get this student restore to happen at all.

The pre-stage says it will install config profiles before Set-up screens are presented. Shouldn't this config profile prevent the install of IOS14. Based on what I've experienced on the first iPad, no, but am I missing something to keep the new iPad on IOS13?