Previously purchased app no longer available in Jamf?

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Previously purchased app via School Manager is no longer available under Mobile Device Apps.
But under Settings -> Volume Purchasing there is the app, under the VPP. School Manager shows that we have bought 5100 licenses. But still it is not available for distribution.

Anyone have any idea what to do to fix this problem?


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Is the VPP sync still happening between your JAMF and ASM?

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Was the app previously scoped but has since 'vanished' completely from the Mobile Device Apps section? Or is the app still in the Mobile Device Apps section but has a warning message reading 'This app was removed from the App Store. It is no longer available for deployment. The app was automatically removed from Self Service.' ... ? I've recently experienced the latter and ended up having to manually add another instance of the app and re-scope it....

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@jonros In Apple School Manager make a note of whether or not you can add more licenses to that app. If the app is still showing and it's showing that you've purchased licenses, but the ability to "purchase" new ones is gone then the app is being delisted from the store or not available in the country you're in.

You could also be running into a randomly reoccurring bug within Jamf Pro where they get removed for no apparent reason. Try adding a duplicate entry for the app in Jamf Pro and see how far you get.