Print Center pop up after upgrading to Sonoma


Hello. Our Sonoma testing has been good, for the most part, but I was curious if there's a Jamf config profile that can help resolve this Print Center pop-up. It occurs every single time I try to print.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 10.08.29 AM.png


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This issue isn't new to Sonoma. The most common solution is the add all users, or groups that will encompass the afffect users, to the Print Administrators group, aka lpadmin or _lpadmin , which is separate from the administrators group. 

I have not seen this issue, prior to Sonoma. To give some context, we are using PaperCut to map our printers. What is the best way to add a user to the Print Administrators group?

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There are numerous ways, not necessarily a "best" one. This should work, albeit by opening pretty broad access:

/usr/sbin/dseditgroup -o edit -n /Local/Default -a everyone -t group lpadmin
But also take a look at this and similar threads:

Solved: lpadmin Group for Printer Pane Access - Jamf Nation Community - 215403