Printer Logic

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Hi all!

I am having some issues deploying Printer Logic via SS. I have tried to do as a script and have tried to do it has a package after capturing it with Composer. When someone in my test group clicks install in SS it says processing for about 5 seconds and says "this item is no longer available." I go to the logs and it doesn't even show that someone tried to run it as everyone scoped still show up as "pending". Below is the curl command that downloads and installs the app. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

curl -o /tmp/PrinterInstallerClientSetup.pkg "https://
[yourDomain]" && sudo installer -allowUntrusted -pkg /tmp/PrinterInstallerClientSetup.pkg -target / && sudo /opt/PrinterInstallerClient/bin/ https [yourDomain] && sudo /opt/PrinterInstallerClient/bin/ [AUTHCODE]