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Does anybody know how we can change the printer setting "color matching" with lpadmin -o? We want to you use the "in printer" and not the "colorsync"

It is HP Printer :) and with lpoptions I didn't find this settings.

Thanks :)



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I don't think it is going to be in printer options for the printer itself (I can't find it) because the drop down menu to change it is 'Color Matching' and not 'Printer Features'. You may need to change it and create a Preset with the new setting. It looks like some users were able to push out Printer Presets at this discussion..

So I did some testing. I created a custom preset with the setting you wanted changed, which creates ~/Library/Preferences/ I moved this to /Library/Preferences and restarted my computer, and the presets were still available. It looks like you'll have to deploy the printer by command in order to have it named the same for everyone, then you can push out a custom preset..

I notice you can also create a preset that is good for all printers which creates ~/Library/Preferences/, and this can also be moved to /Library/Preferences.