Printers & Scanners Pane blank after installing via policy.

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We're running 10.3.1, and having an odd issue with our printers. The printers are being installed successfully through Self Service, but the Printers & Scanners pane is completely blank afterwards. However, if we open the print dialogue from an application, the printers are available to print from, and work as expected.

I've seen this discussed in reference to Printers installed via config profile, but ours are being installed via policy, so the solutions don't appear to apply. Has anyone seen this behavior before, or have any ideas on what could cause it?


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As I've recently experienced this, in the config. policy for the printer make sure you select " Allow printers that connect directly to user's computer" and "only show managed printers".

After re-applying the policy, the printer was visible again in the P&S pane.

Hope this helps :)