Problem installing Chrome and Teams to iPads

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I have been using Jamf for about 5 months to lock down iPad with Web Clips. Over the past few weeks, I have struggled to get Chrome and Teams pushed out to a group of iPads.

First, I logged into the Apple Business manager and Purchase 100 licenses of each.

Second, I log into Janf and, on the mobile device apps page, update the apps to Install Automatically, set a scope to target a smart group, and under managed distribution, checked "Assign Content Purchased in Volume Assign" and selected a location.


Chrome does install but does not take away from the license count. If I have the device in a locked-down configuration policy, I get "Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet".

Have yet to get teams to install, just get "Device was busy. Will try again.",  the device is just idle on my desk.

Any suggestions?


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The "Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet" message means you missed a step in your VPP assignment or something is wrong with your VPP certificate.


I would start with checking Volume Purchasing, and making sure JAMF is showing the licenses. If JAMF is not showing the app licenses, make sure you have the apps assigned to the correct site in ABM/ASM. If they are assigned to the correct site, check your VPP certificate.



If all of that is right, go in to the app store app policy, and make sure under VPP codes you have "Assign Content Purchased in Volume" checked and the correct location selected. You should also see the number of licenses available and in use here if everything is working right. 

Checking JAMF logs may also help identify the issue.

There is more that you can check, but if you are still having issues I suggest opening a ticket with JAMF.