Problem with Network Configuration Profile for 10.7

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I am having issues trying to successfully enable a configuration profile in JSS 8.52. I am able to successfully deploy a configuration profile at the system level to connect to our network using Casper but for whatever reason, once a network user logs in to the machine it disconnects after a minute or 2 and the profile doesn't work regardless of rebooting or manually reconnecting. The only way I can get it to work again is ro run a terminal sudo commend to re-initiate the policy. Has anyone had a similar experience or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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We were having the same issue with 8.52 and thought maybe the upgrade to 8.6 would help, but it did not. If you look at the Trust certs in the Network Pane of the Profile it never holds our selections. We contacted JAMF today about it. The Wifi one does keep the Trusted Certs.

Also every time we update something in the Network Wifi Profile and distribute out, it makes another keychain item, which causes a conflict.

A lot of bugs we are seeing with this.

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Interesting. What we are seeing on 8.6 is intermittent inability to connect to wireless networks with a directory auth/login window/PEAP/WPA2 profile.

Specifically this happens 100% of the time on post-reboot logins, with subsequent logout/login cycles connecting *most* of the time.

The same configuration created under OSXS Profile Manager appears to work just fine.

About to go down road of packet sniffing logins, but curious about this trusted cert angle, as not something we had dived into much yet.