Problems with Multiple Payloads in a Configuration Profile

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We recently noticed that in scenarios of Configuration Profiles with multiple payloads including the Restrictions payload, if you attempt to edit said profile and remove the Restrictions payload it might also remove other payloads for no reason. Jamf replicated this issue and provided a PI# (PI-006101), however, this apparently has never been reported because "best practice is one payload per configuration profile". If that's the case, don't allow us to assign multiple payloads to the same configuration profile. If you don't support this, then fix Jamf to prevent this action. So long as current Jamf allows multiple payloads in the same config profile, this is a giant flaw in the product provided by Jamf!

I'm starting this discussion to see what unreported occurrences exist. I was told that this was a low priority because no one else is experiencing this issue and I doubt that is truly the case.


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