Problems with SCEP Proxy / NDES connection

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Hi folks

We are trying to configure Jamf Pro as a SCEP proxy for our Microsoft CA which is hosted in our company network.
So far we have set up the NDES role on one of our servers and the website shows the challenge passwords can be obtained from the mscpe_admin webpage. We have verified that the connection between jamf pro and the SCEP / NDES server is allowed on our firewall. I can see inbound traffic from the jamf pro network ranges (Data Region eu-central-1).

In the logs of the SCEP configuration profile, I always get an error that the server could not be found, which I weird since I see the traffic coming in on the firewall. I tried both ways of configuring SCEP, in the configuration profile and in "Settings/PKI Certificates/Management Certificate Template), it shows the same issues.

Now what's really the icing on top is that sometimes we get an error that the certificate could not be verified, which I see only in the jamf pro server logs(but I might be reading that wrong)


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Attaching the latest server log.