Proctortrack Settings

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We have a student who is taking an extra class through the school and for his exams he needs to use the Proctortrack lockdown app on his device. I've looked through their system requirements and have approved everything on his machine that is required in the Security and Privacy settings. We use a restriction config profile on student machines so that they are unable to run anything we do not approve, and Proctortrack has been added as a bypass to that. The issue is that when the app launches it performs a readiness check to make sure everything is approved, and the final step is to make sure that screen recording is permitted. Once it reaches this step it fails and prompts to make sure that it is allowed in Security and Privacy, which it already is. I have reached out to Proctortrack's support too but they seemed to want to work with the student, who will most likely just need to end up sending them back to me. I was looking to see if anyone had any experience with Proctortrack and if there are any hidden things that I might need to allow through our config profile? Thank you in advance.

Additional information:
Our machines are on 11.2.3 and have M1 chips.