Profile to Enable Screen Sharing?

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We are getting ready to configure ~60 Mac Minis for use on our iPad carts. As part of the imaging we want to enable Screen Sharing, so that the person in charge of these carts can remote in to administer them. I'm not seeing a Configuration Profile setting to turn on Screen Sharing. Is there such a possibility? We figure it would be easier to do this with a Profile as opposed to a package, but I guess we could be wrong.

We need Screen Sharing as opposed to Casper Remote as there won't be anyone at the computer to grant access.

Any ideas?



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here is some perl code that has the commands to turn it on. should give you a pretty good start anyway, if you cannot read perl, then just look at the system lines, those are the actual commands.

if ($configure eq 'on') { if ($commands eq 'all') { $cmd_arg = "-privs -all"; } else { foreach my $cmd (@tmp) { $cmdline .= "-" . $cmd . " "; } $cmd_arg = "-privs " . $cmdline; } system("kickstart -activate -configure"); if ($users eq 'all') { system("kickstart -configure -allowAccessFor -allUsers $cmd_arg"); } else { system("kickstart -configure -allowAccessFor -specifiedUsers"); system("kickstart -configure -access -on $cmd_arg -users $users"); } if ($reqperm) { system("kickstart -configure -clientopts -setreqperm -reqperm yes"); } system("kickstart -restart -agent -console"); } else { system("kickstart -deactivate -stop"); }